MaxAir³ air handing unit is specially designed for large data center. It provides appropriate air flow into the Data center, after the air exchanges the heat with the chilled water heat exchanger coils, to ensure that the indoor environment of the data center is always within the required range.

Modular design

  • Modules can be deployed horizontally or vertically, to adapt to project-specific room size and different site conditions.
  • Easy to increase IT load and expand cooling capacity  gradually.
  • Ease transportation, installation and service.

Hot aisle containment

  • Eliminate cool and hot air mixing, increase cooling capacity and efficiency
  • Support higher-density server applications
  • Eliminate data center hot spots
  • CFD simulation, optimize air flow
  • Data Centers open space is a cold environment, creates a cooler environment for workers

Highly efficiency

  • Break the traditional boundary of water temperature, expand the usage of free-cooling, and significantly reduce the system water flow
  • Adopt EC fans for lower motor power usage
  • Change the control logic, the system always to operate proactively and predictably, increasing the reliability and reducing the energy cost.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership