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  1. MEDICOOL Medical Air-cooled Chiller

MEDICOOL Medical Air-cooled Chiller



Brief Introduction
 MEDICOOL air-cooled chiller is designed and manufactured to provide chilled water (coolant) for MRI, CT and other large medical equipment. MEDICOOL meet the requirement of 24X7 continuous operation thanks to its two fully independent refrigeration circuits, highly reliable components and intelligent control system. MEDICOOL Chillers are completely manufactured and tested in the factory. The installation will need only the proper piping and power cable wiring. No working on the refrigeration circuit is required.
High reliability
All components are from well known international suppliers, with at least 10 years
proving experience with Airsys.

High efficient design
High efficient compressors, pump and EC control fans are used to improve the efficiency of the chiller.

Environmental friendly(R410A & R134a)

Free Cooling (optional - recommended)
For installation in cold geographical regions, we highly recommend the Free Cooling system.

Safety and quality certification

MEDICOOL chiller is designed to meet all the requirements of CE and UL safety regulation, as well as RoHS.
Airsys is a holder of quality certification ISO 9001, 14000, 18000, 13485.