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Barcelona, a setting sail place -Airsys Global Marketing Strategy Seminar Documentary

2017-04-25 14:08:01 阿尔西


The beautiful Mediterranean coastal city of Barcelona, has long history and charming scenery. It’s one famous art city in Europe. There is one 60 meters high statue of Christopher Columbus in the central square of Barcelona. The statue is in honor of Columbus’s first voyage and discovered America. The statue of Columbus’s finger to the west and overlook he discovered the new world. Barcelona, Columbus, Great Navigation, The New Land – give special meaning to Airsys Global Marketing Strategy Seminar.




On April 6th-7th, 2017, First Airsys Global Marketing Strategy Seminar held in Barcelona. There were senior leaders of Beijing HQ, 5 overseas subsidiaries (Brazil, Deutschland, Singapore, UK, USA), and core team of Mabbly American market strategy consulting company, nearly 20 members attended the seminar.



CEO Yunshui CHEN’s opening speech impressed senior leaders of 5 overseas subsidiaries. He led everyone learn Airsys development history and“AIRSYS Constitution” together, and combined the history and culture of the world and China to illustrate and explain Airsys culture aspiration.


 “We all know that China is one long history and vast territory country. There are huge differences between Chinese different nationalities and different regions. However, Chinese thousand years’ culture has a long history, the reason is the tolerance of Chinese culture. At the same time, Chinese remarkable achievements in the past 30 years, proved the Chinese hard-working and intelligent, and brave to explore and innovate. These are very similar to the concept of Airsys. Today, we are from all over the world. Each country has unique history and culture. Airsys to respect each other’s cultures and provides the opportunity and platform for the development and growth at the same time. Same to five hundred years ago Columbus, Airsys this ship will be in our hands and toward to the world, be one excellent and respectable global brand.” This opening about culture fusion make the atmosphere relaxed and active. Later in the meeting, Mr. Yunshui CHEN analyzed the present situation of ICT cooling in the international market and fully discussed and cleared the forward direction of Airsys International Market with everyone together.


After in-depth discussions and clear the company’s strategy, the directors of product management and research & development respectively introduced the plans of product and research & development. By establishing and cultivating the international product and research & development management team, provide competitive and innovative produacts for all the world’s target market, rapid and high quality delivery of products will be the strategic focus in the next phase. Everyone share personal view  about Airsys future development direction and business plan. The warm atmosphere also greatly encourage all subsidiary companies’ senior managements have confidence in Airsys product management and research & development.


In the second half of the seminar, 5 oversea subsidiaries’ leaders given their detailed report about the market condition of their own market, include: staffing, market developing, client partner, installing and after-service. Meanwhile, they also shared their market challenges.


After several years of layout, Airsys has achieved the success of the stage in the global market and ushered in the golden period of development. At the end of the conference, the participants to the overseas subsidiaries had in-depth discussions on the market and plan. Everyone have confidence of the global ICT cooling market development: Airsys will have greater pace, more international management, more competitive high-quality products and better service in the global market competition in the next few years.


As one part of the global strategic layout, Airsys also invited Mabbly American market strategy consulting company to do the strategic analysis of Airsys brand, market and challenge, and proposed the next stage of global brand strategy plan. Brand marketing is the top priority of Airsys global business development. Airsys’s aim is to create an excellent brand in gobal ICT cooling. Everyone around the Airsys of brand position, brand equity and brand story to discussion, exchange and share personal idea, had made important progress.


Airsys, after 10 years of explore and elaborate, finally setting sail and forward to terrifying waves, but also the vast sea. In front of the new world is full of opportunities, challenges and success.