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Airsys has once again participated the DCW (Data Center World) exhibition in Singapore

2016-10-28 13:47:10 阿尔西

After 2015, as an overall program provider of data center cooling, Airsys has once again participated the DCW (Data Center World) exhibition in Singapore, and become the most active new brand of the data center cooling professional field.


In this exhibition, with modular data center cooling solutions and multiple products, Airsys has attracted the attention of all industry customers.



During the exhibition, the Singapore’s clients are very interested in our booth, and learn about the new products. Over the past year, by close cooperation with local partners, Airsys Singapore has made several major breakthroughs, including the HP project.            


At the same time, there are many dealers and customers from Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Australia, Thailand and other neighboring countries to meet Airsys’s team. Many of these customers are already using Airsys’s products, and they have full of praise on the product quality and after-sales service.



Spring planting autumnharvest, God helps those who help themselves. With tireless efforts and intensive cultivation, we believe the Asia Pacific team of Airsys will soon earn respect and recognition from our customers, and higher achievement in this huge market.