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Airsys in Australia

2016-09-27 10:43:04 阿尔西


Australia is the biggest developed country in Asia-Pacific region, and it is also the only country in the word which covers an entire continent. The Real GDP per capita of Australia ranked fifth in the word, their commercial and political system are very clear and clean. According to European standards, the requirements of products and suppliers selection are strict.

The diversity climate characteristics in Australia provide a broad innovation stage for ICT cooling solutions.

Airsys made a rear break in the Australia market last year. So far, the products have entered the Telstra (the largest telecom carrier in Australia), Monash Medical Center, Intercontinental Melbourne the Rialto, and many other well-known enterprises. Our professional solutions, including computer-room evaporative cooling solution (AIRSYS Adiabatic Solution), changing work conditions of chilled water solution (AIRSYS InterChill Solution), air-conditioning solutions of telecom base station (AIRSYS Mobilecool Solution), frozen water air-conditioning solutions of computer-room, etc. Which have been accepted and adopted by customers.


In early stages of the contact with Telstra, the largest local telecom carrier, we have sent specialists to make a survey of the fieldwork. Based to the scale, environment and other factors of the data center, we developed a professional refrigeration solution of hot issues and expansion in future for the data center, by numerical simulation, and gained Telstra’s recognition soon.

 Hard work does pay off! We believe Airsys will soon obtain greater and more brilliant achievement in the beautiful Australia.