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Airsys Mobilecool Outdoor shelter air-conditioning Products Got Certify by AHRI Yearly Again

2016-09-14 09:43:11 阿尔西

Air- Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute as one of the international top level organization in refrigeration industry, AHRI certification is conducts voluntarily for air condition products. The units passed certification on the market are randomly sampling checked each year and conducted rigorous test in Intertek Laboratory by AHRI. The purpose of sampling check is to lead positive development through regulating industry competition and preventing excessive competition as oversized ratings.

In February 2016, 2% of total units in warehouse of Air-sys America were randomly chosen and sent to Intertek Dallas Laboratory by Intertek staffs of AHRI for performance test. Much more difficult of passing test than past due to higher testing standards of performance ( the EER of wall-mounted base station air conditioner was increased from 9.0 to 10.0 ). As primary goal, Air-sys will consistently provide high-reliability、high-efficiency and energy-saving product for customers. The chosen two type units reached rating value as well as exceeding 10.0 of EER simultaneously that passed performance test successfully this month.

Mobilecool-outdoor air conditioner for telecommunication base station has passed annual inspection of AHRI over two years in a row which means not only the product of Air-sys is highly regarded but also providing confidence and guarantee for the selection of customers on Air-sys.