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AIRSYS - In Ecuador & Colombia

2016-09-09 10:22:32 阿尔西

After six months of planning and preparation, AIRSYS International Sales Division represent and the colleague from Service Division have visited Ecuador and Colombia customers in beginning of July.


The aim of this visiting is to investigate AIRSYS products sales, customer’s satisfaction and help customer to solve the difficulty occurred in these two counties.



AIRSYS international market plan and new products R&D progress were introduced in this visiting.Products installation, maintenance, after-sales and other service conditions sparked heated discussion; meanwhile customers provided some very constructive suggestion on AIRSYS products. Customer also introduced the local data center and communication base station development satiation, which is helpful for AIRSYS South America sales strategy, market development and global plan.


AIRSTS products won the high praise of customers and local distributors, who expressed their wish to build a bright future in South America with AIRSYS.