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AIRSYS makes a major breakthrough in Singapore datacenter market

2016-06-15 17:09:05 阿尔西


Singapore, as amajor market of global Datacenter Industry, guides the industry progress.Singapore datacenter industry has high pursuit of design standard and energysaving. With a large of professional datacenter design and consulting companies,Singapore plays a great role in datacenter industry of APAC area and worldwide.The Green Datacenter Design Standard issued by Singapore Government is famousinternationally for energy-saving.


AIRSYS enteredinto Singapore market in 2015 and has taken part in bid for several large andmedium-sized datacenter projects after showing in 2015 Datacenter Worldexhibition. In 2016, AIRSYS won HP datacenter project to provide Optimaprecision air conditioning which lies in Singapore Science and Technology Park.With excellent room-saving and energy-saving, AIRSYS defeated Emerson and otherfamous international brand, which is a breakthrough for AIRSYS advancement inSingapore market.