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Airsys Enhances Internal Communication& Cooperation

2016-05-16 13:51:25 阿尔西


To further integrate AIRSYS internal resources and enhance AIRSYS brand competitiveness, Airsys Beijing and Shanghai Airserve HVAC System Services Co., Ltd. held the management communication meeting on May12. Chen Yunshui, the CEO of Airsys, Yin Yaoqi, the GM of Airserve and other management personnel attended this meeting.

At the beginning of meeting, Chen Yunshui delivered a speech on the current market trend development and internal resources proper use. He pointed out that Airsys should enhance internal coordination based on the premise of mutual benefit, the guide of limited resources proper use and market rules, combining with the each company characteristics. To build Airsys international brand, Airsys companies should strengthen the internal management and cooperation.


Yin Yaoqi introduced Airserve basic situation on the aspect of its business capacity, brand advantage and personnel allocation. He said Airserve develops business with the concept of air-conditioner system service, instead of providing traditional after-sale. Airserve provides preventive service for customers, which is the first one company to introduce the system service concept in China air-conditioner market, also is a relatively independent and professional air-conditioner service provider. That is a great advantage of Airsys brand.


During the meeting, attendee also discussed the Airsys HR, financial, IT, product management, sales and services, etc. The objective of this meeting is to take advantage of Airsys on R&D, producing and sales network, to combine with Airserve outstanding energy conservation and emission reduction solutions and professional services capabilities in the field of nuclear power, medical, engineering and construction and energy management, to build complete solutions of products, system design, implementation and service, to provide all aspects of customer service, to improve Airsys cohesion and core competitiveness, and to create better conditions for the Airsys development.