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Promote Innovation and Look forward to The Future ——Airsys 2016 Distributors Meeting for Hebei Province

2016-03-29 09:41:25 阿尔西

March 21, 2016, AIRSYS Hebei Province Regional Distributors Meeting was held in Shijiazhuang,the capital of Hebei Province.


Airsys Domestic Sales Dept. organized the meeting, and it had about 30 people attending this meeting from Hebei Province Distributors companies and Airsys Technology Dept. The objective of this meeting is the Airsys 2016 new products marketing and sales policy implementing.


In 2016, AIRSYS will continue to focus on the multilevel and multifaceted marketing strategy in Hebei Province. Combining with many successful green data center solutions, AIRSYS will provide large data centers and small and medium-sized equipment room with air conditioner refrigeration solutions. Keeping the current channel edge, Airsys will introduce more new policies being beneficial to distributors, dig out more air conditioner refrigeration demand of new-type equipment room, and effort to develop advanced products to meet the emerging market needs.