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AIRSYS Refrigeration: The "Ice" Guarantee of Successful Winter Games

2016-03-07 17:03:56 阿尔西

The 13th National Winter Games of the People's Republic of China has successfully ended. Xinjiang Ice Sports Center undertook 5 ice sport events including speed skating, short-track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey and ice curling. AIRSYS, as the designated ice rink refrigeration units suppliers of Austria AST in China region, provides 9 large professional ice-making units for the ice rink project of this Winter Games.


This Winter Games was refreshed records frequently. Fan Kexing was the short-track speed skating championship as breaking the 1500 meters’ world record. Liu Yiming won the men's 10,000 meters speed skating champion,refreshing the national record kept for 8 years. HanMei won the young woman speedskating 1,500 meters’ gold medal, breaking the ice national record of nearly 16 years. 1000 meters short-track speed skating women national record was broken by Zhou Yang. Why so manynew records were created during this Winter Games? In addition to athletes hard training and industrious preparation, it thanks to the first-class refrigeration units which equipped the world highest ice rink. “I never thought of breaking the national record, which has a close relationship with the speed skating center”,Liu Yiming said in an interview after the game.


Ice surface quality affects the ice sports competition results directly. Thehigh quality ice-making units hold key to ensuring theice rink quality. The main refrigeration units of AIRSYS are equipped with efficient compressors, and 80% ofthe refrigeration components are provided by famous international companies. The condensers and evaporators are produced with high quality and efficient copper tubes, and advanced Italian controllers. Therefore, AIRSYS refrigeration units have the advantages of compact structure, high reliability, low noise, high energy, longservice life, and stable and easy operation, etc. The rigorous scientific construction process also helps to ensure safety and reliability of the refrigeration system and turn 24-hour ceaseless operation of ice arena into reality. The excellent performance of AIRSYS’s 9 refrigeration units guarantees that the ice-making discharge tube can produce ice layer with proper thickness. Professional ice-making engineers pour uniform ice particles with suitable radian according to temperature, humidity, and ice surface temperature. Athletes will enjoy any competition on such ice.


In this project, relying onpowerful AIRSYS network monitoring system,9 units start and stop automaticallyunder different cooling load based on the pre-set procedures and work properly interoperable based on ice rink actual load to get optimal energy efficiency. Once a breakdown occurs, which will be uploaded by the alarm automatically Themonitoring page will show the breakdown unit code, breakdown type and other information, which is the realization of centralized management and monitoringall refrigeration units.


After this Winter Games,Xinjiang citizen flowed to ice rinks with full ice sports enthusiasm. Xinjiang adolescent skating and skiing have been the inclusions of youth ice sports system. Now Xinjiang government strives to cultivate a group of high-level athletes with higher international competitiveness, "After the 13th Winter Games, the competition area will play after-game effects, we will train reserve forces aiming at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, "said archosaurs ·Crimea, the deputy director of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Bureau.


As this Winter Games has beenthe first domestic competition since Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, it was directly regarded as "2022 Winter Games starting gun". Also, this successful experience on ice rink application indicates that AIRSYS has strength to build the ice rink for international top ice sports events.