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Airsys Ice-making Units Being Successfully Put into Use in Ice Rink during the Chinese Winter Games

2016-02-02 10:37:12 阿尔西

As the designated supplier of refrigeration equipment for ice rink of AST Austria in the Greater China Region, Airsys has provided 9 large-scale professional ice-making units for ice rink projects of AST during the Chinese Winter Games.
 To meet requirements of high-standard game ice rinks, such units shall be of high reliability, high stability and temperature control accuracy, high efficiency, etc. so as to meet the requirement of 24 h continuous efficient refrigeration yearly. The refrigeration equipment provided by Airsys passes the commissioning acceptance in one time, operates stably and has provided favorable guarantee for the smooth performance of ice rink projects during the Chinese Winter Games.
 The successful experience in the Chinese Winter Games once again testifies that refrigerating units for ice rink produced by Airsys are of the world’s advanced level and can meet requirements of high-end ice rink completely.