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Scientific and Technological Innovation of Shanghai Airsys

2016-02-02 10:29:52 阿尔西


On December 30, the Thirtieth Anniversary of Shanghai Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute & Second Session of the Eighth Membership Representative Conference was held in the Seagull on the Board, Shanghai. Leaders of the Institute, industrial experts and nearly 300 member units attended the activity.

The Conference has appraised and elected 7 awards such as Benchmarking Enterprise of Shanghai Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry, Excellent Enterprise of Shanghai Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry and Leading Figure of Shanghai Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry. Han Chao, Senior Engineer & R&D Manager of Shanghai Airsys Air-Conditioning System Service Co., Ltd., was awarded “Scientific and Technological Innovation Award”.


Shanghai Airsys has been attaching importance to scientific and technological innovation since its founding. As a new high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Shanghai Airsys has input at least 6% of its operating income each year in technical research and development as well as technological innovation. By the end of 2015, Shanghai Airsys has obtained 14 technical patents and 9 software copyrights.

Shanghai Airsys’s input in scientific and technological innovation not only brings technology-leading air-conditioning system integration technology, but also users’ acceptance of its technical & service strength. Medical treatment, nuclear power, aviation, communication, ... by taking advantage of its technology and strength, Airsys has broken various industrial barriers, won larger market and acquired respect of the industry.

The year 2015 coincides with the twentieth anniversary of young Airsys. As ancient books said that, “a 20-year-old man becomes an adult, and is first crowned. Since he is not strong enough, he is young”. Shanghai Airsys is in its 20th year of development, the year of booming development, and is just at the beginning of innovative development.

Achievements in the past are merely starting point leading to the future. With great achievements, Shanghai Airsys would persist in the enterprise spirit of scientific and technical innovation and proceed with a new start. A time will came for Airsys to ride the wind and cleave the waves, Airsys will set the cloud-white sail and cross the sea which waves.