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Airsys Attend Data Centre World and Cloud Expo Asia 2015 in Singapore

2015-11-06 13:26:48 阿尔西

Data Centre World and Cloud Expo Asia 2015 was held in Singapore on October 28th and 29th .Airsys was invited to attend this expo with its dedicated to data center and electronic equipment room precision air conditioners of OPTMA air-conditioner, DATACOOL air-conditioner applied for middle and small sized electronic equipment room, CHILLROW air-conditioner, FREECOOLAD adiabatic evaporation cooling unit and so on. This has been Airsys secondly attending data center expo in 2015 after 2015 Data Center World Exhibition in London.


Data Centre World and Cloud Expo Asia 2014 ever attracted 9000 person trips. However, the visiting person trips of Data Centre World and Cloud Expo Asia 2015 has increased to 12000, 60% of them coming from Singapore and the left 40% coming from other areas.

In the two days expo, about 1000 person trips visited Airsys. And some of them are from Singapore DBS Bank Data Center, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency, and many famous data center design consultancy companies. Then the others are data center and telecom operators coming from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other Asian and Pacific regions. 

Airsys attended this expo as the cooling industry representative of China Data Center. Ivan Zhao, Airsys Asia Pacific regional director, attended technological seminar and gave the presentation on Airsys-Expert in ICT Cooling, introducing the Airsys years of industry experience on ICT air-conditioner industry and energy-saving solutions dedicated to data center, which attracted a large of visitors.

During this expo, many visitors expressed their interest in Airsys and hope to cooperate with Airsys. After this expo, we immediately devoted into bidding for a data center project in Singapore. Attending this expo is helpful for Airsys to develop Asian and Pacific region data center market.