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Gu’an Airsys Factory New Intelligent Entrance Guard System Completed to Use

2015-12-18 09:51:24 阿尔西

Gu’an Airsys Environment Technology Company Ltd. locates in Gu’an Industry Park, Langfang City, Heibei Province. At the center of Big Beijing Area, near 50 kilometers south of Tiananmen Square, Gu’an Industy Park separated with Beijing Daxing District by Yongding River. Gu’an Industry Park is a provincial industry park identified by Heibei Province and authorized by state ministries and commissions. In this park. there are many electronic and information manufacturing, automobiles,auto parts manufacturing and modern equipment manufacturing companies.
 To meets the Gu’an Industy Park planning, Airsys redesigned and reestablished the factory gate from May 2015.Now, the gate entrance guard system and garden have completed to use.

With the modern and concise style, the new factory gate entrance guard system has the function of visitors booking, vehicle identification and guard on duty. The visiting plate number will be registered into the system if the visitor booked. And the visiting vehicle will go through the gate directly when it arrives.
 Entering factory, the LOGO wall with Airsys core values (reliability, efficiency, responsibility, respect) and three flagstaffs will come into sight, with waving Chinese flag, Hong Kong SAR flag and AIRSYS flag .

The garden sites in the east of gate, where there are many trees and flowers such as acer mono, sliver birch, Chinese juniper and so on. Here, employees could relax after work.  


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