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Airsys Won Turkey Telecommunication Computer-room Air-conditioning Project Again

2014-09-28 00:00:00 阿尔西
During the 2014 invitation of tender for collective purchasing of frequency conversion computer-room air conditioner closed recently, Airsys stood out from other international brands, won the customer and was selected to provide 150 sets of computer-room air conditioners.
All computer-room air conditioners involved in this tender are variable frequency air conditioners with R410a cooling agent, which can reduce air-conditioning energy consumption significantly and satisfy all kinds of special requirements of customers, such as automatic + manual control, normal operation under high temperature at 45℃ and remote monitoring through the internet.
As the domestic leading precision air conditioner supplier, Airsys applied DC scroll compressor and intelligent control program on the OPTIMA-INV series new-type intelligent frequency conversion products, which feature higher energy efficiency ratio and more powerful intelligent management functions. In addition, the intelligent networking monitoring program, which was highly appreciated by the customer for past use, will be applied again in telecommunication computer-room tender invitation in Turkey as well as be identified as one of such technical standards.
As the largest telecom operators and largest computer-room air conditioner customer, Turkey Telecommunication accounts for more than 30% of national demands. So far, Airsys has won Turkey telecommunication computer-room air-conditioning project for consecutively 4 years and gained the trust of customers with its comprehensive production lines and professional R&D capability; Airsys has become the major cooling equipment supplier and partner of Turkey Telecommunication as well as the first domestic precision air conditioner manufacturer that obtained this honorable award.