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Airsys, Be Passionate and Run!

2014-04-23 00:00:00 阿尔西
More and more Airsys staffs began running for the purpose of building body, losing weight, increasing willpower and challenging themselves.
At 5:30am on April 19, with the sound of gunshot of “DL 100 Ultra Endurance Race”, Chen Yunshui, CEO of Airsys, and another 5 Airsys staffs started running at the coastal park of Fujia Zhuang of Dalian. The competition took place around mountains and seas in a cross-country manner, with accumulated climb up distance of 2786m and accumulated decline distance of 2973m along the 50km runway.
With a gunshot, 2014 Beijing International Festival started at Tian’anmen Square at 8:00am on April 20, more than 50 Airsys staffs participated in the competition; smelling the fragrance of sophora flower along the runway, we not only felt the fast heart beat while running, but also the healthy, fashionable, personalized and happy life style.
Airsys staffs will challenge themselves again on the TNF100 Beijing International Ultra Trail Challenge on May, 24.