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December 9, DCD Beijing Data Center Session! Be There with Airsys!

2014-12-03 00:00:00 阿尔西



As a B2B information vendor, DatacenterDynamics has focused on providing information sharing and social contact activities for professionals at design, construction and operation data centers.
Airsys, as a partner of DatacenterDynamics for many years, will attend the session on December 9.
We will meet you at “Construction and Strategy” venue at 14:50.
Chen Yunshui, CEO of Airsys, will share with you the “Full Life Cycle Solution of Cooling System of Data Center”, analyze problems faced by the data center at each cooling procedure with the 20-years experiences accumulated by Airsys regarding data center air-conditioning industry, predict the future technological trends and come up with solutions.
Brief Introduction to DatacenterDynamics
DatacenterDynamics held annual sessions in 49 major cities worldwide.
The data center session held by it has been regarded within the industry as an experience sharing conference of leading experts and top operators.
28,000 professionals of data center industry participated DatacenterDynamics activity in 2012, which makes DatacenterDynamics activity the most authoritive forum within the industry.
DatacenterDynamics activities were held at important data center markets, aimed at building one-for-one relationship with all professionals contacting us. Benefited from this individual service and profound understanding of the market, DatacenterDynamics is more than a B2B media service supplier, it has established long partnership with numerous international end users, suppliers, advisory bodies, governments and NGOs.
We look forward to your visit to our booth on December 9.
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