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Airsys MOBILECOOL OUTDOOR Passed USA AHRI Certification

2015-01-08 00:00:00 阿尔西


Airsys MOBILECOOL OUTDOOR passed test of US Department of Energy in 2012, making itself the only domestic ICT air-conditioner manufacturer which has its products distributed in North America. In 2014, MOBILECOOL OUTDOOR all series units passed AHRI certification.
Air- Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI for short) is one of the industry associations which rank top level among international cooling industry and AHRI certification is a voluntary certification of cooling and air-conditioning products conducted by the institute, aiming at classifying products with rigorous and uniform basis and helping buyers and users make right choices.
Units passed certification and listed in the market will be randomly checked by AHRI each year, and then be sent to USA Intertek lab for rigorous test, to ensure such units are reliable in a continuous manner. Passing AHRI certification indicates that Airsys MOBILECOOL OUTDOOR series units have been well received by USA.
Airsys MOBILECOOL OUTDOOR series units are the most intelligent and most energy saving telecommunication base station and air-conditioning product in the world, which are widely used in telecommunication base stations and mobile power stations. It changes people’s knowledge of green energy saving features of air conditioners and reaches an energy-saving efficiency of 80% in comparison with traditional air conditioners. Some customers in North America have taken indexes of MOBILE OUTDOOR as the purchasing standards of air-conditioning products. In 2015, Airsys ICT air conditioner will carry on innovating on green energy saving and contributing to the development of global cooling industry and green energy saving operation.