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2017 AIRSYS China Regional Cooperative Partners Conference

2017-03-17 17:28:11 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

Spring returns to the earth and everything looks fresh! AIRSYS Group held 2017 AIRSYS China Regional Cooperative Partners Conference in the warm spring day. There were dozens of cooperative partners’ delegates to attended the conference from all over China.


AIRSYS devote to constantly improve product quality, continuously improve efficiency, and to provide the product and service more than consumer’s expected. The “Trust & Value” themed conference emphasize that the concept of trust and win-win cooperation between AIRSYS and cooperative partners.


CEO Chen Yunshui first speech, that for more than 20 years, AIRSYS go ahead steadily and surely. AIRSYS constantly consolidate the Chinese market and vigorously develop the overseas market for make in China to the world at the same time. AIRSYS already obtained the stage development success. In the future days, we will use our more actively experience and advantage of international market to service in Chinese market. Strive to achieve same standard of product in both international and Chinese market, step by step forward, and make more partners and clients got benefit from it.


During the conference, product manager, director of domestic sales and after-sales service manager had given speech individually. They introduced AIRSYS 2017 new product and system solutions to attendant cooperate partners. Discussion with them on the sales data, service system, management system, risk control, etc., for build more close and more efficiency cooperative partnership.1489741979679067.jpg

In Gu’an manufacture base, the interpreter introduced AIRSYS all production lines’ production capacity, deliverability, and cooperation ability of different type of work. The interpreter also explained research and development, production process, quality control, etc. Everyone highly recognition AIRSYS 6S.


After the conference, we also toured Yuanmingyuan Park. When personally came to the park and close contact with Chinese one century ago humiliation history, everyone get more feel that only move forward, keep effort and not stuck in the past can seize the rare opportunities.


In the future day, AIRSYS will build one “Trust & Value” development road with cooperative partners together.