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Self cognition and professionalization

2016-11-07 14:32:04 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read


On October 28th, mangers from each department attended the two days of Airsys Manger Training Conference with the expectation of company, the longing of self-growth and confusion of work.


The LCL as the trainer of business management consultant deeply shared role cognition of manger, concept of professional consciousness and management communication skills as well as time management method with directors. Curriculum design was based on the operation of the company through previous investigation and utilized interactive teaching, case studies and group discussions for deep learning.


During the period of training, mangers discussed issues and conducted self-reflection with a positive performance for further understanding on professionalization.


Along with the international development strategy, Airsys has been put forward higher requirements of professionalization on handlers. Moreover, Airsys attached importance to staffs growth and actively created conditions of improvements for employees which could be more professional for challenging the future.


The professionalization of Airsys has been developed by each member with the tenacious sprit. Let us fight for the dream of Airsys!