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Airsys in Indonesia

2016-09-26 10:28:16 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read


As the biggest archipelagic state in the world, Indonesia with typical tropical marine climate is well known by thousand islands as well as large population and vast area. Recently, as the largest economies in Southeast Asia, market scale of ICT industry in Indonesia have been growing rapidly due to soaring import and tremendous demands on information service facilities


In the past year, AIRSYS have achieveda series of breakthrough on projects in Indonesia. We established sales agency and after sales net which national wide covered mostly. Customers included Telkom Indonesia, Indonesian Ministry of Defence, Bank of Indonesia, PLN Indonesia, state-owned firm and government agency as well as numerous small-to-medium commercial data center. 印尼03.jpg

In the early stage of collaboration, site investigation was conducted by our specialists based on local social environment and climate condition. Accordingly, issue of heat dissipation under complex environment of data center was analyzed on the base of CFD simulation for developing solutions on inverter air-cooled CRAC. Thereby, the environmental condition of data center was clear to customer themselves. More important, our professionalism was further recognized and well-reputed by client.

With the power of One Belt One Road, we will make great efforts on gaining much more market share of Indonesia.