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Airsys reach new heights in Singapore market

2016-09-22 13:13:27 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read


Once again, Airsys win the recognition in Singapore market! We provide all precision air-conditioning of computer-room with a full set of installation and maintenance services for the Woodland police headquarters’ data center in Singapore. Just over a month later, after Singapore HP project, the Asia-Pacific market bring another good news for Airsys.
 Due to the project is built for the government, which put great value on the product quality and manufacturer’s certificate. In the meantime, they are strictly required the temperature and humidity control of data center, computer-room stability and the PUE. Airsys actively participated in the project from the beginning, and offered the fittest air-conditioning solution of computer-room. Our products successively experienced multilayer assessment of the contractor and the construction experts of computer-room. With professional product quality, outstanding customer cases and services, Airsys stand out from the fierce competition with many international companies.
 Distance tests a horse’s stamina! Airsys will continue deep plowing and careful cultivation in the professional and plentiful Singapore market. Meanwhile, with the professionalism, better products and services quality, our company will gain high reputation among more and more clients.