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Congratulation AIRSYS Brazil founded in Sao Paulo

2016-09-21 10:06:03 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

Recently, AIRSYS Brazil have completed enterprise and tax registration in Sao Paulo which means huge strides of internationalization have been making promptly from now on.


South America have been regard as emerging market with huge potential in the global strategic plan of AIRSYS. The plan of setting up subsidiary in Brazil had been scheduled since last year. With the largest area and population in South America, Brazil is the leading force of economic development in Latin America. Investment on broadband network construction have been raised greatly which benefited from broadband developing plan of Brazilian Government. Therefore, numerous network communication equipment is demanded for achieving the plan as well as the ICT air conditioning products.


Through establishing the AIRSYS Brazil, the Brazilian market could be better developed and then broadening the business to entire South America. Also,subsidiary Brazil is totally operated by native according to management idea of multinational company.


AIRSYS have been expanding South America market through exchanging and cooperating with Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia in recent years. As the globally professional brand on ICT refrigeration, AIRSYS will develop the market in South America with its various and high quality products for satisfying more efficient demand.