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AIRSYS Wins the Bid of Deutsche Telekom Project

2016-06-21 16:52:38 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read


AIRSYS has got another breakthrough. AIRSYS integrated precision air conditioner DATACOOL-PACKAGE and inverter precision air conditioner CRAC OPTIMA- INV designed specifically for Deutsche Telekom won the bid of Deutsche Telekom project through one year of product design and verification. The success bid is a joint bidding with BLTK, the German partner.

Deutsche Telekom is the largest Europe telecom operator and the globe 5th largest telecom operator and headquarters in Bonn, Germany. Germany is a major market of Europe Datacenter Industry, guides the industry progress. The precision air conditioners provided for Deutsche Telekom not only satisfied Europe standard certification but also meet the VDI6022 standards (2016 ventilation and indoor-air quality - air humidification on decentralized devices ).

VDI standards are the most stringent industry standards. VDI6022 standards demand all non-metallic materials inside of the air conditioner (including plastics, heat preservation, filters, sealing equipment, etc.) not to breed mold, nor to provide any possibility growth environment for mold. Generally, VDI6022 standards are suitable for clean environment. The demand of air conditioner products Deutsche Telekom gave is high for precision air conditioner supplier to meet. After the continuing efforts, AIRSYS product prototype through the VDI6022 related evaluation one-time executed by the third parties, which is a major factor to win the bid, in addition to the advanced energy-saving technology and control systems of the product .

AIRSYS Deutschland GmbH was established in 2014, located in Munster, Germany. It has a localization professional team and provides products, technical advice, installation and after-sales for the European market (except for the UK, the AIRSYS British being responsible for UK business) service. The winning project of Deutsche Telekom once again proves AIRSYS product strength, and provides opportunities for AIRSYS continued development in the Germany market.