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Promote Innovation and Look forward to The Future ——Airsys 2016 Distributors Meeting for Henan Province

2016-05-23 17:15:19 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

2016 Airsys Green Data Center Solution and New Product Launch was hold in Zhengzhou Crowne Plaza Hotel on May 12.DSC_0203.JPG  

Airsys and Henan Ruipai Electronics Co.,Litd. co-hold this meeting. There are many people attended this meeting except Henan distributor representatives, from Airsys Technology Support Depart, Design Academic and Henan Mobile Company. The objective of this meeting is to promote Airsys products sale in 2016.


Airsys launched the row cooling precise air conditioner of CHILLROW, which attracts much attention of distributors and designers.DSC_0163.JPG  

Airsys CHILLROW is with the Airsys solid panel and the design is based on the standard cabinet norms. CHILLROW has two cooling models of chilled water-cooled and direct expansion air-cooled, with the features below: 

    1. Horizontal air supplying and near heat sources improve the cooling system EER;
    2. With cold and hot channel design, and closed hot / cold aisle maximize energy savings;
    3. Effective room layout utilization and easy expansion;
    4. Without raised floor avoiding constraint;
    5. High efficiency storage style, modular data base cooling solutions;
    6. High cooling efficiency reducing data center overall PUE;
    7. Central cooling and low failure rate save maintenance costs;
    8. Dynamic response control, real-time adjustment of refrigeration output, precise control of cabinet inlet temperature;
    9. Achieveheat dissipation of high heat density (30kW / Rack);
    10. Perfect combination of free cooling configuration.

During meeting,Airsys and Henan Ruipai Electronics Co.,Litd. signed purchasing agreement, which will benefits the development of Henan market.

Airsys will continue to focus on domestic multilevel and multifaceted marketing strategy. Combining with many successful green data center solutions, AIRSYS will provide large data centers and small and medium-sized equipment room with air conditioner refrigeration solutions. Keeping the current channel edge, Airsys will introduce more new policies being beneficial to distributors, dig out more air conditioner refrigeration demand of new-type equipment room, and effort to develop advanced products to meet the emerging market needs.