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Airsys Attends the 2016 Meetup Europe

2016-04-25 09:37:52 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read


The 2016 Meetup Europe had its grand opening in London on April 12 (London time). The CEO of German branch of Airsys, Philipp J. Daum was invited to attend the meeting. He, along with leaders of Russian Towers, FPS Towers, Cellnex Telecom, Towercom and many other iron tower consultant and investment enterprises, talked with each other about the new form and new development of iron tower.


The Meetup Europe washosted by TowerXchange, the global tower industry professional media. Many towertraders, operators, investment organizations, equipment and service providersparticipated in this meeting in order to promote the resources sharing of irontower fundamental facilities in Europe and the communication among globalpractitioners in iron tower.


As the global leadingmanufacturer in precise environment refrigeration solutions, the MOBILECOOLseries of products of Airsys focus on the design and manufacture of iron towerand base station rooms to guarantee that the operating environment inside theroom would be stable, efficient and reliable. MOBILECOOL series of productsadopt the one-piece design and integrate two chiller systems including naturalcooling system and mechanical refrigeration. When the outdoor temperature islower than the indoor one, it will activate the natural cooling system to makethe most of outdoor low-temperature aircool the inside base.


Introduced by PhilippJ. Daum, the CEO of German branch, in this meeting, except for the efficiency,energy saving and reliability of the Airsys base station air-conditionerproducts, when using them, they are still facing the problems of scatteredstations and high maintenance cost. Airsys has provided comprehensive monitoringsolution that can choose the monitoring type flexibly based on the quantity andscale of the stations to remote monitor and collect information of scatteredstations.

The base stationventilation product is one of the most important product lines in Airsys. As theglobal air-conditioner strategic partner of Vodafone, we have provided Vodafonethousands of various types of base station air-conditioner products in itsbranches in India, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, etc. In 2007, Airsys produced andinstalled 25,000 base station one-piece air-conditioners for Reliance within oneyear, which became the project that installed the most products of the same kindat one time in telecom history. The base station business of Airsys is all overthe world. We also provide base station refrigeration and ventilation productsto other numerous global well-known operators, including Verizon, AT&T, Life,China Mobile and China Unicom. We expect to take this meeting as opportunity, tofurther promote Airsys’ base station business in Europe and provide systematiccomprehensive solutions to more base station in the world.