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We Run to Sun

2016-04-21 10:04:41 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

April 17, 2016, the 60th Beijing Long-distance Running Festival - Half Marathon was held.

Beijing Long-distance Running is a traditional event of Airsys participating companies. In this running, more than half of 19AIRSYS participants participated Marathon first time.


                                       Photo 1: AIRSYS finishing running runners

Starting from the Tiananmen Square, the competition passed through Beijing Second Ring, which is one of the landmarks of Beijing being toward a modern international metropolis. Along the way has the Yonghe Lama Temple, Ditan Park, Yuan-dadu Park,etc., which has every runner to enjoy the ancient capital history. The end of the way has been through the "Bird's Nest". The 21 km distance covers Beijing's past, present and future.

At 7:00 am, shots on time, Airsys players started from Tiananmen Square, along the Strip, running facing the sun. Ling Yan leading in the forefront. When he believed the running would not break PB and ensure to be the company first two then slowed down his pace. While Wang Zheng, the young R&D engineers, catching up with him quietly, finished the running with 1 hour 57 minutes 35 seconds and won Airsys 1st Prize. Ling Yan won the 2nd Prize. As time passing, Airsys all players finished the running before competition ending.


                                 Photo 2: AIRSYS first three ranking runners

Running has become increasingly the lifestyle of more Airsys people and been the part of Airsys culture. Running has us closer to nature, which shows Airsys people owning positive, hard work, healthy, safe and inclusive spirit. Each player is not just competing with others, more competing with themselves. Through Marathon, challenge yourself and overcome yourself.

We expect more people to join Airsys long-distance running team.