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Airsys Products Applied in The Rail Transportation Industry Successfully

2016-03-25 09:25:38 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

As the development of railway informatization construction, railwaycommunication network has become an important tool to protect traffic safety andimprove transportation efficiency. As the guarantee of stable operatingenvironment for equipment room system, the air conditioning system continuouslystable operates with reliability is vital. 

The electronic equipment room of railway station is usually isolated from theexternal environment, and its indoor is closed. So the efficient air flow is themust. With the huge heat capacity and heat density, electronic equipment needsrefrigeration uninterrupted all the year round.

AIRSYS railway precision air conditioners fully meet the various needs ofrailway industry, being of diversified air supply ways, high reliability,24-hour non-stop operation, precise temperature and humidity control, much airvolume, small enthalpy differences, long pipelines, and high drop installationconditions. The air conditioners of AIRSYS are equipped with efficient compressors, and 80% ofthe refrigeration components are provided by famousinternational companies. AIRSYS railway precision air conditioners have large-scale network monitoringprogramsuch as advanced remote monitoring system and the GSM SMS alarm etc. which have the airconditioners high reliable and easy operation.

AIRSYS not only has promoted and applied its products in the domestic railway industry, but also it has provided the London Underground control room with custom-made precision air conditioners since 2012.The products are able to operate normally in the environment of 55℃ and resist dirt , with easy disassembly drip tray for easy maintenance, low noise to achieve human and units coexistence, and EER 3.0 or more. This product be also favored by Ecuador Telecom, Hungary Vodafone, CNPC Middle East Camp, Australia Mine and many other projects.

To promote AIRSYS railway products, AIRSYS hold The Domestic Railway Traffic Technology Exchange Meeting in March 2016, which obtained recognition from industry experts and design institute teachers. In future, AIRSYS will take its own experience and advantages gained from the global air conditioner and refrigeration industry to develop in the railway industry.