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Airsys Awarded Product Line Strategy Leadership Award in Germany

2016-01-18 16:42:07 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

On 17th Nov, Frost& Sullivan 2015 Excellence in Best Practices Awards ceremony was hold in Frankfurt city of Germany, attracting many global famous company leaders.


Frost & Sullivan has a global team of analysts and consultants continuously researching a wide range of markets across multiple sectors and geographies. Frost & Sullivan identifies companies excelling in product strategies, whether it is product quality, price/performance value, product differentiation or breadth of product line. And it awards to companies in global that leverage product strategies to enhance customer value and/or the customer experience, going beyond short-term impact on revenues or margins.

图片关键词03.jpgChen Yunshui, the CEO of Airsys, was invited to give a speech as the winner of 2015 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award, as well as Paul Inett and Philipp J.Daum, separately from Airsys UK Company and Germany office also attended this award ceremony. As the recognition to Airsys global product strategy and innovation, this award will be Airsys advancement catalyst in global cooling industry in future.