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Airsys Continually Pushes Forward Operator Data Center Marketing Strategy

2015-11-23 13:50:04 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

Equipment room air-conditioners were produced and developed to ensure stable equipment room running, uninterrupted data transmission and constant temperature and humidity equipment room running environment. Now, China has been the biggest global data center market. As the representative of the data center building boom, China Mobile Communication Corporation, China Telecom ,China Unicom have been strived for building their data centers, as well as many other operators have set about building their own data centers to get achievement.

Airsys, with a team of professional service for telecom operator central purchasing projects and 20 years’ industrial experience and technical advantage, designed and supplied for over 10 Cloud Computing data center projects with high energy efficiency equipment room air-conditioner products and system solutions, such as Beijing Mobile Xinhua Data Center, Yunnan Mobile Chenggong Data Center, China Telecom Cloud Computing Inter Mongolia Information Park, China Mobile (Hohhot) Data Center, Shanghai Unicom Qihoo 360 Data Center, Xinjiang Telecom Informatization Demonstration Experience Base and so on. Airsys provides much convenience for data centers of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom distributed all provinces.

With the development of Green Data Center Concept, the energy efficiency standard of equipment room air-conditioners has been constantly improved and increasing data centers have focused on energy-saving. The OPTIMA series equipment room air-conditioners widely used in operator data center projects including air-cooled, water-cooled, chilled water, ethylene glycol and free cooling mode, configure with intelligent control technology, high efficiency scroll compressor, EC fan, high precision electronic expansion valve and high efficiency humidification system to make sure the highest energy efficiency ratio. In northern area, OPTIMA series air-conditioners are able to be utilized to take full advantage of the cold source and to decrease the data centers refrigerating system energy consumption. Airsys, adopting the idea of being energy-saving and environmental friendly, constantly pushes forward the project of data center with its various advanced product technologies, including free cooling and frequency conversion technology, as well as advanced solutions such as reasonable air supplying layout and optimized equipment room air conditioner cold and heat airflow channels.