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Self-challenge in Chengde Half Marathon!

2015-10-22 09:40:53 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

Chengde is “a mountain villa bearing half history of Qing Dynasty”; Chengde boasts chime hammer peak of Danxia landform and it is also the heaven for summer recreation.


On October 18, 2015, the first session of Chengde International Half Marathon was started in this scenic site with beautiful natural scenery.

The haze of days before faded in the morning of October 18. The blue sky, white cloud and soft breeze made the athletes extremely comfortable. The seven runners of Airsys took part in competition again.

With the gunshot at 8:00 AM, the runners ran out from the starting line toward the rising sun.

The runners from Airsys did evaluation on the 7 people before the competition, and everyone was willing to surpass others, or to surpass themselves.

In the last one kilometer and when Ling Yan, who was the first among the seven, was getting supply, Ding Wei – the one who followed him surpassed him. Ding Wei got the first prize with a result of 1h 57min and 4s, which is 20 seconds ahead Ling Yan. Meanwhile, Ding Wei created his best personal record, which realized his target set before the competition.

Now, everyone in Airsys positively participates positively in sports, which becomes an important part of Airsys culture. We exercise ourselves! Show ourselves! Challenge ourselves! We believe that the attitude of health and challenging ourselves is the key to success.