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Airsys Successfully Delivered the Second Batch of Air-conditioners Ordered by Turkey Telecom in 2015

2015-09-30 10:45:47 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

After winning the bid of 2014 annual air conditioner purchasing project of Turkey Telecom in July, 2015, Airsys recently finished production of this batch of air conditioners and delivered the order. The order contains 150 sets of R410A refrigerant inverted air conditioner, with the total amount of more than RMB 10 million, which accounts for 70% of inverted air conditioners of Turkey Telecom.

Turkey Telecom is the largest telecom operator and air conditioner purchaser in Turkey, the demand of which accounts for more than 30% of the country. Owing to its huge demand of air conditioners, it attracts air conditioner manufacturers all over the world, which makes the competition extremely fierce.

Airsys air conditioner was finally recognized through many tests and screenings. Starting from selection of unit model till customized development, Airsys sent specialized project team to take part in. In the mean time, the client sent person to do plant test in Airsys and did various performance tests of the unit. During the production process of model machine, the client made identification of the craft, including brands and manufacturers of each spare part. All matters, big or small, were included.

The R410A refrigerant inverted air conditioners in OPTIMA-INV series, which were delivered this time, adopts leading DC scroll compressor and intelligent control plan in the industry. The air conditioner can reduce energy consumption significantly. Meanwhile, it satisfies various special requirements of the client, such as automatic + manual control, normal operation at high temperature of 45 degrees, and remote control through internet, etc.

So far, Airsys has been supplying high-quality products for Turkey Telecom for a continuous five years. It also became supplier of other operators in Turkey, such as Vodafone and Turkcell, which made it the major brand in market of air conditioners in Turkey.

This delivery is the first order after foundation of Turkey Branch of Airsys. In order to make a better service and extend its scope to the whole Eastern Europe region, Airsys established Turkey Branch of Airsys in 2015. The branch company is located at Istanbul, Turkey. It has a professional sale and service team, which carries out product sale, project consulting, and after-sales service in the region. Therefore, the company has a quicker market response, which is helpful for extending its business in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, it shows the determination of Airsys to extend market in Eastern Europe in an overall and deep way, as well as to improve the brand influence of Airsys and to increase the coverage rate and market share of Airsys products in this region.