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Airsys Hold The 2015 China Region Cooperative Partner Conference

2015-09-30 15:08:06 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read

On September 22, 2015, Airsys hold The 2015 China Region Cooperative Partner Conference in Beijing Yanjing Hotel. It was more than 70 people attended the conference who are Airsys China distributors and related leaders of Airsys (Beijing& Gu’an).




Chen Yunshui, the CEO of Airsys, started conference with delivering a speech. Chen said that with the strategy of going out, Airsys has built subsidiary corporations and offices in main countries around the world and our customer ranges from the global famous communication operators to world-leading medical equipment manufacturers. During the cooperation with customers from Europe and America developed countries, Airsys takes full use of the biggest advantage of R&D enterprise to make its products meet the requirements of local industry standard and environmental protection, but also Airsys innovates and improves products continuously and timely to decrease its cost, and to increase products price-performance ratio farthest, which makes Airsys products stand up to the world first-class air-conditioner products at an equal. Chen also said ‘in future, we will actively capitalize on the experience and advantage obtained from international markets to serve home market and benefit more cooperative partners and customers’.


At conference, we introduced Airsys products to our cooperative partners and gave the systematic explanation aiming to advantage and performance of every serial product. And we shared Airsys air-conditioner solution and illustrated with the specific examples to help cooperative partners to solve the difficulty of choosing products type better. We also discussed with cooperative partners on the building of sales and service system, management institutional norms and risk management and control and came to the conclusion of win-win development.


After conference, all cooperative partners visited Airsys Gu’an Factory. We introduced Airsys all production lines to them, including yearly capacity, delivery ability and the collaboration ability of every type of work and so on, which makes cooperative partners had more deep understanding to Airsys. After visiting, all the cooperative partners had the face-face communication with Airsys principal and they thought this visit is good for them.




Confronting with the toughing domestic economic environment, Airsys will incorporate the advantage developed in international market, together with cooperative partners to build a road of honest, cooperative and win-win with the globalization sight and posture.