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Airsys Industry-University-Research Cooperation Project Won 2014 State Science and Technology Prize

2014-01-26 11:31:04 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read
On January 9, 2015, 2014 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People; Party and State leaders such as Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan and Zhao Gaoli attended the conference and presented the prizes to winners. The “Anticorrosion, Efficient, Low-temperature Flue Gas Condensation Heat Advanced Utilization Technology”, applied jointly by Airsys, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Dalian University of Technology won Second Prize of State Technological Invention Award.
National science and technology award is established to reward citizens and organizations which make outstanding contributions to scientific and technological progress and the State Council established five such awards: the State Supreme Science and Technology Award, the State Natural Science Award, the State Technological Invention Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award and International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award of the People's Republic of China. The State Technological Invention Award is intended for citizens who made major technological inventions regarding products, process, materials and system with scientific and technological knowledge. In 2014, the national science and technology award was given to 318 achievements, 8 technological experts and 1 foreign organization, among which, 3 achievements were awarded the first prize of State Technological Invention Award and 67 achievements were given second prize thereof.
To respond to the call of “Implement the scientific research achievements obtained by capital universities in districts and counties” proposed by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, Beijing Productivity Center and Beijing Shijingshan District Science & Technology Commission, Airsys made technological achievement docking with Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (formerly Beijing School of Architecture). The docking project was listed in “Basic Scientific and Technological Special Project - Commercialization and Implementation of Major Technological Achievements” by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission in 2009. With sustainable innovation and industrialization in recent years, the project was given the First Prize of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Award by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission in 2009 and obtained Second Prize of the State Technological Invention Award in 2014, marking a new breakthrough in technological innovation in industry-university-research cooperation.