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Outsourcing of Bidding Project of Fangcheng Port Nuclear Power 1# and 2# Air-conditioning Units Won by Shanghai Airserve HVAC System Service Co., Ltd.

2014-11-18 00:00:00 AIRSYS Precision cooling Read
Nuclear power is one kind of clean, efficient, economic and reliable energy, proper development and utilization of which will do great contribution to human economy and society.
China began to exploit nuclear power in early 1970s; after more than 30 years of development, there are currently 50 units which are already put into operation or under construction, with total capacity as 50,740,000 kW. China sees great potential in the development of nuclear power. According to the plan, the nuclear power installed proportion will be increased from 2.1% to 4% in 2020. A larger wave of nuclear power construction is expected in the next 10 years.
As a supplier of air-conditioning system services, Shanghai Airsys HVAC System Service Co., Ltd. has began to conduct mandatory administration of air-conditioning system for Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Station since 2006. After years of practices and explorations, Airserve has established a complete range of ideas and mechanism, customizing a “mandatory administration of nuclear grade air-conditioning system” service mode for nuclear power project. It overcame the technical barriers posed by international giants, survived the price war of domestic enterprises and achieved outstanding results regarding nuclear power air-conditioning service, which were admired by peers.
Mandatory administration of nuclear grade system: the nuclear power owner packs the air-conditioning equipment without classifying types and brands for mandatory administration by Airserve, which sends professional technical staffs as resident staffs at nuclear power site during administration period; the staffs will be fully responsible for routine operation and maintenance, system defect removal, emergency maintenance and yearly overhaul, saving the trouble of nuclear power company to arrange air conditioner administration staffs and more resources and energies can be put on core business.