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2017 China Data Center Market Conference

2017-06-02 13:18:12 阿尔西 lesen


Demand drives future, energy saving promotes innovation. 2017 China Data Center Market Conference was held in Beijing on May 25th ,2017, which was organized by China Electronic Energy-saving Technology Association, Green Data Center Technology Committee and Data Center Energy Efficiency Level Verification Lab.



Witnessed by many experts, leaders and industry pioneers, AIRSYS won the prize of China Data Center Best Green Energy-saving Product in two key areas of central air-conditioner and data center air-conditioner, which is the only one air- conditioner company won the prize in the 2 areas. Founded in 1995, adhering to the company culture of reliability, efficiency, responsibility and respect, AISYS has been pursuing providing the best energy-saving solutions and green product.




AIRSYS is an international company from China. Zhang Donglai, the group senior executive vice president, shared the AIRSYS global cooling solutions, the challenges AIRSYS faced in Asia, Europe, North America and green cooling solutions supplied to customers. As the biggest data center air-conditioner exporter in China, AIRSYS won the 2015 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award evaluated in Germany by Frost & Sullivan in the area of cooling solutions. This award not only shows AIRSYS is the representative of Made in China, but also is the pioneer of Created by China.

AIRSYS, the most international China brand of data center air-conditioner, provides global customers with superior services and product.