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Congratulations on Airsys Successfully Passed China Mobile 10 Factory Inspections to Air Cooled Air-conditioner General Purchasing Bidding Winning Enterprises

2015-11-04 14:20:48 阿尔西 lesen

In order to further standardize and improve the supplier management system, to ensure the first-class computer room air conditioner supplied by the suppliers, since 2013 China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. has begun to conduct factory inspection system to suppliers. Namely the product purchased by all provinces and municipalities branches will be inspected by China Mobile in the factory before suppliers delivery, which is to intercept the unqualified products to be purchased.
This year China Mobile has made elaborate factory inspection system including inspecting content, inspecting technological process, inspecting method, work shift system, rewards and penalties and so on, which ensured any unqualified products to be left out and every air-conditioner completely meets the collective purchasing technological standard. This inspection system has been the most strict factory inspection in history.
From August to October the factory inspection, all Airsys employees actively cooperated with the factory inspection. The third party inspection staff conducted detailed and careful inspection on the products appearance, nameplate, spare parts consistency, performance parameter, safety stipulation and so on. Often, to get the precise refrigeration data, they work hard until midnight. Product quality data is the most important standard. Airsys products passed the strict 10 kinds of inspections one time with qualified result and Airsys is also one of enterprises continuously passed 10 kinds of factory inspection conducted by China Mobile to air cooled air-conditioner collective purchasing bidding winning enterprises.