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Airsys Won the Bidding of the Fourth Batch of Precision Air-conditioners Purchasing of State Grid Power Project in 2015

2015-10-20 09:21:10 阿尔西 lesen

In the fourth batch bid invitation of precision air-conditioners purchasing of State Grid Power Project in 2015, Airsys won the bidding of the fifth package of precision air-conditioners. The products of Airsys will be applied in more than 30 provinces and cities, such as Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Sichuan, Fujian and Jiangxi.


State Grid is the state-owned backbone enterprise, which is related to national energy security and lifelines of the national economy. The core business of the company is to invest, build and operate power grid, which provides strong smart power grid for economic and social development. Its business covers 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, with coverage of 88% of the national territory.


Power industry highly relies on security of its information system, so as to keep the power information system operate steadily and reliably. It is an important work in carrying out power business. During this bidding, State Grid was very strict about selection standard of relevant equipment products, including investigation on qualification of bidder, product performance, product certification, ability of after-sales service, and market recognition. Therefore, Airsys sent a professional team to positively communicate with clients, and to provide reliable product program of precision air conditioners. After all-rounded inspection and evaluation, Airsys finally won the bidding through its comprehensive strength. Airsys was recognized by State Grid again after winning the bidding of precision air-conditioners in the second batch of power bidding in the first half year.


In recent years, Airsys has been dedicated to the development of power industry. The Company sets a special team to be responsible for business in power industry. It positively takes part in building and renovation project of machine room in power industry. Winning this bidding is the result of Airsys’ years of hard-working, which also marks Airsys has set a foot in power industry in an all-rounded way.