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Airsys Held the 2015 International Distributors Meeting

2015-10-22 11:37:11 阿尔西 lesen

From October 15 to 16, the Airsys 2015 International Distributors Meeting was held in Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Gu’an and Beijing Wanda Realm. Attendees at the meeting were distributor representatives from regions all over the world, staff of the Branch Company, as well as leaders of Airsys Beijing and Airsys Gu’an.

Chen Yunshui, President of the Company made a speech at beginning. He said: “with the development of Airsys, our vision is to become a first-rate internationalized company. Currently, we have established branch companies or agencies in major countries all over the world. Our client base includes various operators and top-level medical facility manufacturers all over the world. As a Chinese company, we can effectively utilize the advantage of Chinese capital. Meanwhile, the Company has a high-efficient technical research team, which will satisfy various demands of clients in different regions and make more partners and clients benefit from this.”


The meeting demonstrated current products and new product planning of the Company. Through combination of current and new products, and depending on networking solutions that are being developed and updated continuously, we will have more solutions that are more energy-saving for option. The meeting demonstrated the model selection software that was newly developed. This sales tool will make model selection be more in line with practical demands, provide information of Airsys products in a more accurate way, and will bring great convenience for extending Airsys products in various countries and regions. Dave Smargon, a partner from the US, applied many specific examples and data analysis, and introduced the on-site use condition of Airsys products in a vivid way. And Ayhan ALCO, from Turkey Branch of Airsys, shared the practical application of Airsys precision air conditioning products and answered questions about oversea service of Airsys.


Aiming at climate conditions of different regions and latitudes, product demands of countries are different. Therefore, distributors from all over the world discussed with each other and gave Airsys their precious suggestions. These suggestions will provide guidance for us to modify current products and make new product plan.

During their visit at Gu’an factory, the distributors were interested about each manufacturing step, from supply chain management to screw installation of one unit (how to make it be convenient for disassembly).


The meeting in Beijing made some foreign distributors who like Chinese culture overjoyed. In Bai Jia Da Yuan, they dressed traditional Qing Dynasty costumes and watched face changing (a special art form of Sichuan Opera), which made them feel the rich Chinese traditional culture. In the weekends, they visited one of the great wonders of the world – the Great Wall, and experienced the spirit of “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”.

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In recent years, Airsys has paid great attention to its oversea development, and provides new products and customized product service for oversea clients, as well as absorbing distributors from various regions in a continuous way. The meeting also shows the Major Clients Strategy of Airsys in global market. In the future, Airsys will continuously increase investment in oversea market in the aspects of sales channel, brand marketing and accessory service, so as to provide stronger power for users’ value increase and development.