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The First Data Center Project of Airsys in UK was Delivered Successfully

2015-10-09 11:05:35 阿尔西 lesen

British Telecom (hereinafter referred to as BT) is the first telecom company in the world, which has a history of more than 150 years. It is the largest operator of telecom hardware facility in the United Kingdom (UK), with business sites or agencies in 170 countries all over the world.

Since Airsys cooperated with BT in 2010, it has supplied DATACOOL-PACKAGE (integrated air conditioner), FCY natural ventilation unit and FCA direct evaporative intelligent ventilation unit for BT for a successive 6 years, with a total amount of more than 600 sets. In September, 2015, the first large-scale data center, which Airsys supplied for BT, officially received on-site installation and acceptance.


The data center applies Airsys OPTIMA-DC.DXA (special unit for double cold source-air conditioner), with the amount of 20 sets and the total cooling capacity of 1500 KW. The unit provides two old sources - direct evaporation air cooling and freeze water. When freeze water unit can be used, it shall be chosen firstly, so as to save energy consumption to the greatest extent. The two kinds of cold sources backup each other. And added by two circuit feeding mode, it further ensures the stable operation of air conditioning system in the data center.


BT data center project is also the first large-scale data center project of Airsys in UK. Therefore, the British Branch of Airsys paid high attention on its acceptance. Paul Inett, the Director of Operations, as well as the sale and after-sale personnel of the project all took part in the whole starting-up and debugging process. They conducted acceptance with strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as technical specifications of the industry in UK. After on-site functional test and acceptance conclusion, function indexes of air conditioner in the data center met the bidding requirements, and were in accordance with building specification of standard machine room. This was highly praised by the client, and the project passed acceptance in one time.

British Branch of Airsys was founded in 2012. It is located in Liverpool, England. It has a professional sale and service team, which provides product, technical consulting, installation and after-sales service for UK. This extends the marketing service network of Airsys. It shows the determination of Airsys to extend oversea market. British Branch of Airsys will further improve the brand influence of Airsys and increase the market share of Airsys products in this region.