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AIRSYS greet the new college graduates

2016-07-12 13:01:04 阿尔西 lesen

In themidsummer of July,Air sys welcomed in over ten selected outstanding graduatesfrom Beijing Shanghai and Tianjin as well as overseas in 2016 campusrecruitment. 


Thepreliminary knowledge of development history, culture and distribution of Airsys was organized and introduced by HR department on the first of July. Thegraduates truly felt team spirit in Guan manufacture base and joined welcomedinner on the same day.


We made aseries of training program for graduates to adjust and transfer themselves fromcampus to career. For better positioning in career development, experientialtraining program and one to one tutorial system is developed. Also, managementtrainee system is imported for humanized deployment and diverse progressenlightening the object of career in different department.


Let’s runtoward the bright future with dreams and longings! We sincerely wish each of youcould create glorious life full of confidence and willingness from a brand newstart in Air sys. The coming future of Air sys is glorified in you!