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Looking At the Big Picture and Focusing On Every Step - Dalian Station

2014-12-11 00:00:00 阿尔西 lesen


It is December and Dalian is still a city of charm despite the cold winter. At a warm December afternoon, Airsys held the Environmental Protection Data Center Air-conditioning Products Solutions and New Products Promotion Meeting. Important guests from multiple well-known design institutes such as Dalian Architectural Design & Research Institute Company Limited, Dalian Civil Architecture Design & Research Institute and Dalian Research & Design Institute of Building Science were invited to attend the meeting.
Considering the climatic features of Dalian and combining the years' experience in production line and ICT air-conditioning industry operation, Airsys came up with a air-conditioning solution which is applicable for most of data centers in Dalian and is well-received by participants. The meeting lasted three hours in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Mr. Hao, President of Dalian Research & Design Institute of Building Science, spoke highly of the meeting and said that the meeting allows deep understanding of Airsys.
As an important marketing activity at northeast region, the meeting received great support from the society, which firms our commitment to walk hand in hand with customers.