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Walk Hand in Hand for Mutual Benefit - Opening of Airsys Domestic ICT Dealer Training Session

2014-10-23 00:00:00 阿尔西 lesen


Airsys Domestic ICT Dealer Training Session, carefully planned by Domestic Sales Department of Airsys Group, was held in Beijing on October 21, 2014.The theme of the session was “Walk Hand in Hand for Mutual Benefit”.
During the session, the technical staffs from Technical Department made an introduction to the general information of Airsys and explained in details the product types, unit characteristics, unit type selection and failure prediction. Technical staffs also explained the questions proposed by dealers one by one. After the session, dealers said that, with the detailed explanation and question answering, they have had a deeper understanding of the characteristics and advantages of Airsys products and enhanced their professional abilities to expand local market.
Dealers also paid visits to Airsys production base after the session, saw the overall manufacturing process of units from frame installation and machine packaging, learned about the corporate culture and the large scale of production line and had an intuitive understanding of the business capacity of Airsys.