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Airsys Won the Bidding of 2014 Philips Nuclear Magnetism Supporting Water Chiller Project

2014-08-12 00:00:00 阿尔西 lesen



With complete product production lines widely applied within medical industry and excellent service quality, Airsys won the bidding of 2014 Philips Nuclear Magnetism Supporting Water Chiller Project recently. This bidding facilitates another close cooperation between Airsys and Philips after their global cooperation on nuclear magnetism supporting LCC cooing cabinet in 2010, which means Airsys has become the supplier of Philips nuclear magnetism LCC cooling cabinets, chill water units and computer-room air conditioners.
The medical nuclear magnetism supporting chill water units provided by Airsys, through 24h continuous operation for 365 days, will guarantee normal operation of gradient power amplifier, coil and helium compressor for nuclear magnetic resonance, which makes it important to keep the safety, reliability, stability and fast service of chill water units.
National medical operation reform presents new opportunity for medical application infrastructures. The cooling equipment is an indispensable third-party product for imaging equipment; after years of operation, Airsys has provided a comprehensive solution for large international imaging equipment manufacturers and various large domestic medical equipment manufacturers, such as GE, Siemens and Philips.
This contract indicates another solid step of Airsys toward global leader of medical cooling industry.