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Airsys Passed 2014CQC Supervision and Review

2014-07-21 11:05:00 阿尔西 lesen



CQC review takes place in July and Airsys embraced the annual CQC supervision and review in 2014. This time, the sample test was conducted by Hefei General Machinery Product Inspect Institute, a famous inspection agency. One set of DATACOOL series 13E1C0 precision computer-room air conditioner was selected randomly from numerous Airsys products for inspection. According to the inspection conducted by testers, the DADACOOL 13E1C0 unit featured an EER of 3.0, greater than the standard value 2.55 required by the state, and thus passed the CQC supervision and review in 2014.
By now, Airsys has obtained energy saving certificates for 17 types of products, including OPTIMA and DATACOOL series.
The enthalpy difference lab has been certified by Hefei General Machinery Product Inspect Institute; through real time monitoring and random inspection of quality, the lab ensures that products manufactured completely satisfy the needs of customers.