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Operation Maintenance and Routine Service of Precise Air-conditioning Equipment

2014-06-19 00:00:00 阿尔西 lesen



Regular maintenance and service are necessary for air-conditioning equipment to ensure normal operation and enhancement of service efficiency.
Maintenance and service of air conditioners are as follows:
1. Air treatment:
(1) Check the air filter, clean or replace it as necessary.
(2) Check the evaporator for frost or dirt.
(3) Check the dynamic balance and operation of blowing fan blades.
(4) Check if the condensate water is drained away in a smooth manner and clean the dirt in water tank.
2. Condenser:
(1) Check if blowing fan runs smoothly.
(2) Check if the blowing fan can rotate at different speeds.
(3) Check if the condensing coil is blocked and clean if any coil blockage.
(4) Check if the gas and liquid heat preservation bushings are intact.
3. Cooling system:
(1) Check if the high-low pressure is properly protected.
(2) Check if the inlet and outlet pressures are normal.
(3) Observe through sight glass for liquid deficiency (considering the impact from ambient temperature).
(4) Check the expansion valve and check if any damage during installation of temperature wraps and if any abrasion on connecting pipe.
4. Electrical appliance:
(1) Check if the display values on the display panel are normal, such as the set values of temperature and humidity and actual ones
(2) Check the alarm records and solve the alarms existed.
(3) Check if the temperature and humidity sensors are clean and sensitive (calibrate the temperature and humidity as necessary).
(4) Check the running current of compressor and blower motor.
(5) Check if the breakers, contactors, relays and other associated parts are securely connected.
5.Computer room check:
(1) Check the return air and compare the temperature and humidity in computer room and of return air.
(2) Plug any leakage hole in the computer room.
(3) Observe if air supply is blocked.