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Customer Introduction

Siemens Healthcare, as one of the largest global healthcare solution providers, is the leading manufacturer and service supplier such fields as medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical information technology and hearing instruments. Siemens can provide the customers with the solutions covering the entire supply chain – from prevention, early detection and diagnosis to therapy and latter care. By optimizing the clinical workflow that takes important clinical images as orientation, Siemens is committed to accelerating the pace of medical services, improving service quality and reducing service costs. Meanwhile, Siemens is the market leader in innovative hearing instruments.

The Cooperative Relationship with AIRSYS

In 2008, AIRSYS beat out a well-known German company, becoming the supplier of matching cold source and heat exchanger for Siemens MRI equipment. Through several years' effort and development, it became the cooling supplier of Siemens blood diagnostic equipment in 2012 again. Currently, AIRSYS continues to cooperate with Siemens, and it is expected to become the main supplier of cooling equipment.

The Cooperation Period


The Business Scale

Annual sales volume of medical chiller unit: > 500 sets/year