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Customer Introduction

Orange is the main telecommunications company in France. It currently employs more than 220,000 people and has nearly 90 million customers worldwide (including overseas provinces of France). Orange operates through several divisions, like Wanadoo (first internet service provider in France, second in Europe), Orange SA (first mobile phone company in France) and Equant responsible for digital communications network business services.
Orange is the world’s fourth largest telecommunications company by turnover worldwide, having services in more than 50 countries. Revenue in 1997 was up to 156.7 billion francs. Orange’s CNET is inferior to none in Europe; its more than one hundred subsidiaries provide a variety of modern telecommunications services to all social sectors. With the opening of international and domestic telecommunications market, the company conducted an internal reorganization in December 1994, placing more emphasis on the objective of market orientation and customer service.

The Cooperative Relationship with AIRSYS
AIRSYS provides shelter energy saving solutions for Orange's international services, including intelligent ventilation, integrated shelter air-conditioner, TELECOOL/BATTERY and network monitoring platform.
The Cooperation Period
The Business Scale
Potential annual demand of Freecool series unit: > 1000 sets/year