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Reliance Communication

Customer Introduction

India’s Reliance Group is one of India’s largest commercial companies.
Reliance Group’s business scope includes petrochemicals, synthetic fibers, fiber intermediates, textiles, oil and gas, refining and marketing, electricity, telecommunications and information industries, financial services and insurance, etc.
Reliance Communication is one of the three operators in India, having 100,000 mobile shelters nationwide.

The Cooperative Relationship with AIRSYS
AIRSYS become a strategic supplier of Reliance Communication in 2007, providing integrated shelter energy saving air-conditioner. In 2007 alone, it produced and installed 25,000 units, which is the project with most same products to be installed and used in one time in telecommunications history.
The Cooperation Period
The Business Scale
Annual sales volume of 2007-2008 of integrated outdoor shelter: > 30,000